Retro Active is an album of Def Leppard.

The late Steve Clark is featured on several songs.

The song "From The Inside" features guest appearances from three Hothouse Flowers members.


  1. Desert Song
  2. Fractured Love
  3. Action (The Sweet cover)
  4. Two Steps Behind (acoustic version)
  5. She's Two Tough
  6. Miss You In A Heartbeat (acoustic version)
  7. Only After Dark (Mick Ronson cover)
  8. Ride Into The Sun
  9. From The Inside
  10. Ring Of Fire
  11. I Wanna Be Your Hero
  12. Miss You In A Heartbeat (electric version)
  13. Two Steps Behind (electric version)
  14. Miss You In A Heartbeat (piano version) - unlisted track

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